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More About Pro-PT

Pro-PT started off as a dream developed during a beautiful week spent in the Cayman Islands. Mary Beth Jenkins was vacationing with friends who recognized her skill as a physical therapist and also recognized her as somewhat of an independent thinker and an entrepreneur. By the end of the week, the location was secured, and the ball was rolling.

elderly man with back pain at physical therapist office

Our History

Pro-PT opened its doors in April of 2014, and since that time the location has moved twice to increase the space for patient treatments. Mary Beth worked the business from the ground up. She marketed the business, contracted with insurance companies, scheduled, treated the patients, did all of the banking, and did everything it took to create her own success.

With the help of friends who had a great deal of experience in the business, Mary Beth has been able to provide services to more and more patients every month. She now has employees that are able to assist with patient care, billing, collecting, and administrative tasks. Pro-PT also works with students in the area that are currently seeking out physical therapy as a career.


Customized Physical Therapy for Your Quick Recovery

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