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Treating Sports Injuries & Sports Enhancements

A sports injury can put a strain on your favorite physical activities. Weekend warriors on the soccer field, high school sports stars, and college athletes are all at risk of injuring their bodies while playing or training. A simple muscle pull can prevent a trained athlete from playing for months, but Pro-PT’s physical therapists help them rebuild their movement and strength in the injured body part. We have ample experience helping athletes around Asheboro, NC with sports injuries and sport enhancements. Our well-trained and certified physical therapists provide caring treatment to ensure you regain your ability to return to your sport and perform at your best.

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Our Certified Therapists Treat Your Condition

The first step in treating a sports injury is identifying the exact cause and location of pain and movement issues. Common sports injuries include but are not limited to muscle pulls, strains, sprains, and fractures. An athlete can sustain an injury from a big hit, quick movements, or failing to warm up and cool down properly. An athletic injury can also be caused by improper training or lack of training. We can help restore movement by performing physical therapy interventions early on. As your injury starts healing, our therapists will design a specific progression of treatment, focusing on the specific injured area. We conduct every patient’s treatment to help injured athletes meet their goals and return to their sport as soon as possible.

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Improve Your Skills With Targeted Therapy

Some athletes seek treatment for reasons other than sports injuries. Many athletes of all levels may have the goal of improving a specific area of their training. Golfers may experience shoulder pain whenever they drive a ball, and basketball players might strive to increase their jump distance. Football players may want to develop their skills and get quicker when running short distances. No matter what an athlete’s particular sport might be, we offer specialized treatment for sports enhancement. Our physical therapists are trained to assess an athlete’s ability, pinpoint their specific limitations, and focus on training regimes so that athletes improve at their specific sport.

Pro-PT Is Asheboro’s Physical Therapy Source

Whether you sustain an injury while playing or need help developing your body through sports enhancement, Pro-PT has a team of experienced therapists ready to help you. Our priority is getting you back on the field, court, or course as soon as possible, fully recovered so that you can perform at your best.

Customized Physical Therapy for Your Quick Recovery

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