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Foot Analysis & Shoe Assessments in Asheboro, NC

Pro-PT offers patients exceptional physical therapy for many parts of their bodies, from spinal conditions to post-operative joint replacements. However, your back, neck, and major limbs aren’t the only areas that need attention. When your feet hit the ground, it affects various components throughout your body. Foot pain is a common condition we treat. Most people spend their days standing, walking, and moving during work and in their personal lives. Our professional therapists help you find relief from chronic and acute foot pain caused by an injury, degenerative disorder, or any other condition.

close-up of feet

Methods We Use to Alleviate Various Foot Ailments

Our physical therapists address many common disorders and injuries in areas like a patient’s back, neck, legs, and feet. Stretching and strengthening the affected area does the trick sometimes, but Pro-PT has other modalities we use to help alleviate various types of common foot ailments. Some interventions our therapists use to help with foot pain include ultrasound, iontophoresis, and soft tissue work. Often, the source of your foot pain can be your shoes. We can provide shoe assessments to ensure you have the right shoe size and the correct shoe fit. During your assessment, we perform a gait analysis to check if you’re wearing the proper shoe for your feet. Our team will also recommend custom inserts to help correct any foot abnormalities. These inserts let you be as active as you want without dealing with foot pain.

Pro-PT is Here to Help You

Pro-PT is ready to help you walk and move better with the correct shoes and custom orthotics for your feet. Many people deal with foot pain, but the condition is treatable with professional care. Let our physical therapists check your feet and steer you to relief.

Customized Physical Therapy for Your Quick Recovery

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