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Help for Patients’ Post-Operative Joint Replacements

Following joint replacement surgery, let the caring professionals at Pro-PT help you recover and return to your normal life in and around Asheboro, NC. We help post-operative joint replacement patients deal with pain and rebuild their mobility with effective treatment methods. Joint replacements are among medicine’s most successful interventions that apply to almost every joint in the body. More than one million procedures are performed annually, with Total Joint Arthroplasty (TJA) expected to increase to almost four million by 2030. Doctors successfully replace hips, knees, shoulders, ankles, and even knuckles.

physical therapist working

Making the Decision to Replace a Joint

Many conditions can lead to patients requiring a total joint replacement. Patients make this decision in conjunction with close consultation with an orthopedic surgeon. Following testing, plenty of education, and attempts with conservative treatments, they may deem replacing the joint to be the only option. Without a doubt, patients and doctors place great consideration into the decision of whether to replace a joint. However, the pathway with most surgeons and facilities after making the decision is very structured and consistent. Many patients do not realize how important physical therapy is to determine the outcome following a total joint replacement. In many ways, people consider this step of recovery as where the true work begins.

post-op joint replacement therapy

What to Expect With Physical Therapy

Patients will start physical therapy immediately following their surgery in the hospital. Treatment often includes gentle motion in the replaced joint’s surrounding areas, progressing from your walker to a cane, and other essential therapies. All joint replacements will focus initially on regaining normalized motion and strength. Your physician will direct any restrictions you may have with therapy and together we will base your treatment plan to best meet your goals quickly.

Trust Our Medical Team With Your Recovery

Physical therapy helps patients regain their range of motion, mobility, strength, and endurance to help them return to the activities they enjoyed before their joint pain. Our certified therapists will educate you on how to walk, get in and out of your car, dress yourself, and other daily activities. Your therapy visits’ duration depends on which joint you replaced, but you can rest assured we take your goals into consideration before we finish your physical therapy.

We Are Asheboro’s Experienced, Certified Therapists

Pro-PT has our patients’ best interests and recovery at the heart of our physical therapy. If you undergo a total joint replacement, physical therapy is an essential part of recovering and restoring your mobility and range of motion. Let our experienced and certified therapists help you get back to your daily life.

Customized Physical Therapy for Your Quick Recovery

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